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Represented Artists

Tara Roskell

Tara Roskell is a contemporary artist & graphic designer with 25 years experience. She has worked for both international and national clients and co-hosts the '@kickinthecreatives' podcast with fellow artist Sandra Busby. They've racked up over 80 episodes so far!

The first nine portraits form part of an ongoing Collection and are all eventually going to be individually available for sale as NFT's via the Opensea platform shortly.

James Altucher | Writer & Podcaster

Professor Green | Rapper

Annie Mac | Radio 1

Oti Mabuse | Dancer

Nihal Arthanayake | Radio 5 Live

Noel Fielding | Comedian, Writer & Actor

Ian Rankin | Photographer

Judge Robert Rinder

Will Young | Singer

My Personal Collection

#0007 by Momentum_NFT

"The world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful" - E. E. Cummings

#0008 by Momentum_NFT

“Had I been present at the Creation, I would have given some useful hints for the better ordering of the universe.” - Alfonso X, King of Castile


Personal Collection

As soon as I discovered NFT's I immersed myself in the magical world of digital art.  I found it soothed my soul when it was most sorely needed, as, in early 2021 we are still in the middle of the lockdowns which is the UK's way of trying to cope with the so-called 'Covid Pandemic'.  I swiftly stumbled upon @Momentum_AI who was kind enough to accept my offers on the two pieces you see above. Now I can really call myself a Collector!

Represented Artists

As soon as I immersed myself into this world, I knew there would be many artists who I could help, combining my techie skills and 25 years of digital marketing experience.  I mentioned this to one of my consulting clients and she immediately referred me to her friend and colleague Tara Roskell.  But would I like her work?  I needed have worried, I absolutely loved it, we met digitally on Zoom, struck a deal and we are off!

Artists I Love

Whenever I get interested in learning something, I do what I call an 'immersive deep dive' where I totally immerse myself in the topic.  I've also heard it called 'ultra learning'.  I read voraciously, listen to podcasts, follow the movers and shakers on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube and now, join Clubhouse Rooms.  You learn fast like that! I have also found some amazing artists whom I am delighted to showcase on my Instagram account.


I'm Nicola Cairncross

I attended Worthing College Of Art & Design in the early 80's to study Fashion.  I loved it and for some years fashion was my absolute joy.  I was inspired by Yoji Yamamoto, John Galiano and Rei Kawakubo, founder of Comme Des Garcons.  But making a living was hard and designer waistcoats can only take you so far.

Since then, I've devoted myself to learning how to become a successful entrepreneur and I've got pretty good at that, with a particular interest in the internet and digital marketing.  

I'm an author, speaker and podcaster and I've helped thousands of business owners market themselves more effectively online.

Then along came Bitcoin which changed many people's lives for the better.  Then, in early 2021, NFT's and digital art exploded into my life. | Founder

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